Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Project: MilTag USB

   Atten-SHUN, Makers!

   Here's a little something I whipped up in four hours the other day:

   To create this- er, creation, I used:

-A 256MB USB drive.

-A Marines name tag given by my parents' good friend, Captain (at the time, Lieutenant) Carter, after whom I was named.

-Green thread.

-Tacky glue.

   This project was fairly simple, I merely gutted the USB board out of its case-
The USB, before.

-and sewed it into the folded-over name tag. A couple stitches and a generous amount of tacky glue later, voila!

   Now I can safely bring my camouflaged files wherever I go without risking detection. Cool, huh? If you have a similar project, let the lab know below!

   Until next time... AT EASE, MAKERS! 

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