Thursday, December 10, 2015

A New, Unique Series!

Get excited, everyone.

   SL's new series, over a month in the making, is almost here! Aptly called Project: Preview, it's a unique new series which delivers hands-on, in-depth reviews... on projects that you can't actually buy (yet).

   The Lab is partnering with various project leaders with currently-active Kickstarter projects that are still in the process of being funded. Their projects will be reviewed over a 3-5 (or more) day process, and then the results of that review will be published on the site as well as on all major social medias. =)

   Hopefully in the future, this'll expand to even more crowdfunding sites. The purpose of this project is to give the readers, and potential backers, an accurate, unbiased opinion on the product before they pledge their money, as well as providing feedback to the creators regarding any potential bugs and glitches.

   I hope you enjoy reading these articles and potentially backing the projects as much as I enjoy writing them. I can't wait to hear your feedback once they're published!

Later, skaters!


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