Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Check out the DragonBox Pyra!

Hey guys. Today I've got another cool (and this time, open-source) product, the DragonBox Pyra! (

It's a portable Linux computer LOADED with special features, all in a clamshell package roughly the size of a DS.

Here's DragonBox's Press Release:.


The DragonBox Pyra – a combination of a miniature PC and a video gaming console. Developed together with a large community.
OpenSource, no spy-software included, no registriation necessary. Nothing.
Even the schematics will be made public.
A full-featured Desktop-Linux-PC that fits your pocket, open for everything and everyone. Designed and produced in Europe, avoiding slave labour.
Pre-orders have been coming in since they were made available the 1st of May.
Similar to crowdfunding in nature, but only a downpayment is needed –  and the remainder due when the unit is ready to be shipped.
The minimum order quantity of 500 devices has been funded already.
Next milestone is at 750, which means 1000 can be produced.
To get to this point has taken three years of development.
In February functional prototypes were made, which are thoroughly being tested to make everything ready for mass production and subsequent hands-on within the year.

As a successor to the Open Pandora, the Pyra carries numerous large and small improvements.

Besides updating the specifications to more modern standards, it follows a new concept that no other mobile device to date offers:

The Pyra is small and compact (only 13.9x8.7x3.2 cm), yet extremely modular. Designed to be modular it is user upgradable, both mainboard, displayboard and the one that has the processor and RAM are individual boards.
Designed to be easily repaired or modified - one screwdriver is all you need to take it apart.
Better for everyone and the environment.

Multiple real USB ports, Game-controls, backlit keyboard, replaceable battery, SD-card slots, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, optional LTE mobile internet and telephony services with GPS and various sensors.

Use it as a desktop PC by connecting a HDMI-cable to a monitor.

The Pyra uses an ARM processor and comes equipped with a Debian GNU/Linux operating system. No accounts or registration is necessary to make this device fully functional, and no ads to be found accompanying the apps.

The Pyra has a large fan base and a community around it that goes far back.
A similar device is not currently available on the market.

Quite a mind boggler, eh? It's pretty sweet. 

You can preorder one of these bad boys at the same link at the top of the article, or go 
directly to their preorder page HERE.

Enjoy! We'll continue to cover this amazing product as it continues to be developed.

Until next time,