Carter Schaap has been giving himself electrical shocks for over 17 years now. A strong Christian, he does all his hacking and making with the assurance of the ultimate Maker on his side. 
   He is the founder and director of SHARD Labs, something that he tries to keep up-to-date. (and probably fails horribly.)
   His auto-didactic life consists mostly of college work, tech school work, and electronic work. When he gets a free chance, he'll try to read a good book or start dreaming up another invention concept. Most importantly, he dreams of changing the world is some way, even if on a microscopic scale. Although "galactic overlord" has a nice ring to it too.

You can find Carter at:

   Charlotte Boyer is a Christian young lady, growing up in the rural atmosphere of southwest Ohio.
She finds herself most content when behind her “Big Mac” computer editing her latest photographic masterpiece, wildly ticking out some bizarre code, or designing a logo, graphic, or website; all the while listening to her favorite Imagine Dragons or Owl City playlist.
   Her extra-digital adventures include, but are not limited to: singing 1940s Swing music with her two older sisters, sewing, knitting, discovering some new way of making pizza, thrifting, adding on to her growing lipstick collection, finishing up her home education, and styling & photographing shoots for her and her sisters’ blog,

   Charlotte also created the logos for SL.

You can find Charlotte at:  -