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   What is SL?

   SHARD Labs is a blog created in February of 2015 by Carter Schaap. SL is a blog created by makers, for makers. This blog was brought together under the ideas that makers should be able to show the world their technology-based dreams, ideas, designs, and projects. Also, they could have their projects recognized, encouraged and even reviewed!

   Eventually, the site shifted into a different perspective, one that fit its own unique niche: A website dedicated to reviewing crowdfunding projects before they were released to the public, which gives the readers an unbiased, honest opinion of a product they might consider sinking their cash into. And thus, Project: Preview was born.

   Currently the site is being funded on GoFundMe. We hope to raise enough money to upgrade the site, pay for more equipment, and most importantly, bring you, the readers, more reviews.

Let's show the world how we do it.