Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Web Alpha Now Open!

Software and
Research and


   Who are we?

   SHARD Labs is a blog designed for chronicling the many electronics-based projects that grace the Maker scene. This blog was created to give all makers a chance to show the world their projects as they come to life, step by step.

   The site is now in Alpha, meaning that many changes may be made over the course of the next couple months. By mid-spring I hope to have SL in Beta, when project-chronicling and project-funding can be released. But as of now, there's not much to see.

   Eventually, you'll be able to post your photos, videos, and stories here, so that others can be inspired. Also, you can choose a funding option for your project that lets others donate to your project, enabling you to upgrade or speed the building of your creation.

   Let's show the world how we do it.


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